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Guangzhou aigou cross border e-commerce Co., Ltd. is a leading international parcel  consolidation and transshipment service enterprise in China. The company has a warehouse  area of 2000 square meters and a freight history of 13 years. The professional service team  and the cooperative customs clearance / delivery are the most powerful companies, providing  international parcel consolidation and transshipment, parcel storage and other services f.nbsp; tens of thousands of overseas Chinese students shopping in China. Taobao store guarantee  transaction provides you with the best cross-border shopping experience.
Guangzhou aigou cross border e-commerce Co., Ltd. is a supplier dedicated to Malaysia,  Singapore, Thailand, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and other unique special  lines. Its business covers the world and is committed to providing comprehensive logistics  solutions for global agent members.
We always focus on acting members; Take high-quality service as the purpose; Take the  requirements of the acting members as the mission; Take the joint profits of the partners  as the goal. We cherish every commission of the agency and faithfully deliver your express  and goods to the destination quickly, accurately and safely.
It is not only the speed that decides to take the lead, but also the persistent attitude of  constantly surpassing. With professional quality, rapid response, strong sense of mission  and through the construction of perfect integrated services, Guangzhou aigou cross-border  e-commerce Co., Ltd. has leapt the service standards of international express lines again,  so that you and I can work together, surpass forward, and lead the upgrading .nbsp; transformation of the express line industry. The guaranteed aviation position, flexible  customs declaration mode, green customs clearance channel and fast delivery service are the  guarantee of your confidence and are ready to accept the verification of the majority of  agent members at any time.
Enterprise objective: to maintain the leading position in the Asian special line express  market with service timeliness as the first
Business philosophy: people oriented, value seeking, and win-win for the enterprise,  employees and customers.

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